What Is Matched Betting?

First and foremost, Matched Betting is not gambling. Using mathematics we devise ways to take advantage of free bets and the promotional offers bookmakers offer to the public on a day to day basis. The bookmakers of Australia are in constant competition to attract and retain customers. Offering free bets and promotional offers is their way of doing this, allowing Matched Bettors to create risk free profits.

For example on a 2 way win market, betting on Federer to win, then betting on Nadal to win, we have covered all possible outcomes. Either Federer or Nadal will win which means the result has become Risk Free. By using a similar process, betting on all outcomes will utilising free bets allows us to make risk free profits and convert high percentages of the free bet value.

Matched Betting has been around for over a decade but has often been hidden from the general public. Although previously being too complicated for most, The Cash Kings services makes matched betting a simple process with our step-by-step guides, tutorials, calculators and specialised software which saves you hours.

These Matched Betting opportunities are missed regularly because people are sceptical, often mistaking it for gambling, or think it is a far-fetched get rich scheme. Get our free matched betting book and see for yourself. What have you got to lose!


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Lots of people dream of being able to give up their 9-5 jobs and live a more financially independent life on their own terms; and, thanks to the internet and the many new ways of making money that it has made possible, making a living without the need for bosses and commutes is now easier than ever – and for many ordinary people, it’s becoming a reality at last.

Betting exchange sites offer great opportunities for individuals interested in making money online. And whilst a lot of people rightly have doubts about the idea of making a living through gambling, the good thing about betting exchange sites is that – when used carefully and deliberately – they can serve functions that have nothing to do with risk and gambling, and everything to do with mathematics and definite, reliable outcomes.

When you use a bet exchange rather than a standard bookmaker, you’re betting against other people – and not just against pre-determined odds.

But the really crucial point for those interested in making a reliable, sustainable income from bet exchanges is that they allow for the possibility of placing what’s known in the industry as a ‘lay’ bet. Essentially, this is when you bet against a certain outcome rather than for it.

Whilst this may not initially seem revolutionary, it is in fact hugely significant. The reason is that it makes possible the increasingly popular process of matched betting, through which many people across Australia and around the globe are finding they can not only make a side income, but a genuine full-time living.

How Matched Betting at a Bet Exchange Works

The basics of matched betting are relatively simply: you claim one of the free, promotional offers frequently put out by bookmakers in order to attract and retain clients. After you’ve placed your free bet on a game or race of your choice at the bookmaker, you then place a lay bet (a bet against the same outcome) with the bet exchange.

This way, you’ve covered both possible outcomes, and are bound to win one of the bets. The important thing is making sure that you use a matched betting calculator such as the one available here at The Cash Kings in order to determine how much you should place down on your lay bet in order to guarantee you’ll make more money from your winning bet than you’ll lose from your losing one.

After you’ve used up all the sign-up bonuses provided by the various bookmakers across the country, simply start using the Promo Paradise section of The Cash Kings in order to find all the current offers available for existing bookmaker members. This way, you can make a sustainable, long-term and entirely legal living out of betting exchanges and bookmakers with minimal effort and absolutely zero risk.

If you’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to begin the process of making money online, you’ve finally found it.

Just get in touch with a member of the friendly team here at The Cash Kings to find out more information about betting exchanges, matched betting and how we can help you use the two to completely transform the way you earn a living!

Cash Kings is an online matched betting website that specialises in teaching people how to make money from matched betting. Check out their free matched betting guide and become a member today.

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